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Are you a contrarian?

Jim Sweeney is a man on a mission to find people with tremendous potential who are languishing in bureaucracy and dream-killing environments. He empathizes with those who do not fit where they are, and who can see what needs to change. 

He understands because that’s who he was before launching a series of companies that changed the face of healthcare in America, improved life for millions of patients, and created billions of dollars of value. 

The Contrarian’s Trifecta is for big thinkers with a burning desire to move the needle for themselves and for the world. 


Book cover mockup - The contrarian's Trifecta

A sneak preview of key principles

  • Failing your way to success
  • Becoming empowered by embracing insecurity
  • How thinking differently is a superpower
  • Connecting with others through use of the “You Point of View”
  • Asking questions and showing curiosity as a mark of humility
  • Finding an idea big enough to be worthy of your talents
  • Gaining success by indefatigability, which Jim calls the “no-quit gene”
  • Embracing the contradiction of knowing when to quit and not “marry a mistake”
  • Internalizing speed as more important than perfection
  • Differentiating yourself to become a monopoly of one rather than a commodity in a sea of commodities 
  • Building success by going after the most prestigious goal in an industry, which Jim has dubbed, “the bell cow effect”
  • Adopting the curious practice of a “premortem” for any new venture or project
  • Becoming a storyteller to make any message memorable
  • Creating an environment where people flourish by creating their own job descriptions
  • Living so you are more excited on Monday than you were on Friday
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